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     Sheena Cholewka, M.A.   Assessment Clinician

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Sheena Cholewka

(pronouns: she/her/hers)

Sheena is an assessment clinician, university instructor, family support worker, teacher, and researcher. After finishing her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Western Ontario and Bachelor of Education at Queen's University, she taught in diverse communities overseas in Mexico, Singapore, and Hong Kong. She completed her Master of Arts degree in the School Psychology program at the University of British Columbia. Her Master's thesis was on teachers' responses to student bullying.  

     Sheena Cholewka, M.A.    Assessment Clinician
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Since then, Sheena has worked as a Key Worker at the Centre for Child Development, supporting families with children with FASD and CDBC. She has also worked in public schools in BC as a school psychologist and teacher coordinator, addressing learning, behaviour, and social and emotional students' needs. Sheena has extended this knowledge to the university setting, instructing future counsellors in child development and assessment. In these positions, she has strived to foster equitable and inclusive curriculum learning plans with flexible and precise evaluation practices while supporting child development through relationship, awareness, and compassion.



Sheena speaks English.


Sheena conducts assessments on the weekend.

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