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Harkiran Thandi
(pronouns: she/her/hers)

Harkiran holds a Masters of Education in School and Applied Child Psychology from the University of Calgary. She has extensive experience providing therapeutic intervention to children and adolescents of diverse abilities in school, community, and home environments as a behaviour interventionist, applied behavioural analysis support worker, and program manager. Harkiran currently works as a Licensed School Psychologist in a public School District. 

As an assessment clinician within our clinic, she provides psycho-educational services to families who seek to gain insights into their child’s unique profile of strengths and needs. Harkiran’s approach to assessment, consultation, and intervention is holistic, data-driven, and rooted in understanding a child’s functioning within the context of their development.

Harkiran Thandi
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In her free time, Harkiran enjoys making memories with loved ones, being one with nature, and going on excursions with her dog. 


Harkiran speaks English, Punjabi, and French.


Harkiran conducts assessments on the weekend.

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