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Psycho-Educational Assessment Resources 

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Understanding a Psycho-Educational Assessment

How to prepare your child for a psycho-educational assessment


Understanding a psycho-educational assessment report: Information on  the specific areas assessed through an evaluation

Understanding the terms' intellectual,' cognitive,' or 'intelligence' testing

Explaining Dyslexia


Free Webinars

Solving the Puzzle: Creating a Plan for Success through Psychological and Educational Assessment

What is Dyslexia, and what can we do about it?

Making Sense of Sensory Issues – How to manage heightened senses at home and in the classroom

Transitioning from high school to college


Learning Disabilities Association of BC: Association that provides information and resources to ensure the full participation of children, youth and adults with learning disabilities (LD) in today's society.

National Association of School Psychologists: This nationally recognized organization provides resources to families and educators on diverse topics related to psycho-educational assessment.

Ministry of Education BC

Ministry of Education of BC Checklist for school designations: This resource provides specific information about the criteria for schools to designate students as needing additional support.

Ministry of Education of BC Policy Manual for school designations: This resource conveys policies, procedures, and guidelines that support delivering special education services in British Columbia's public schools.

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