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Psycho-educational Assessment

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The goal of conducting a psycho-educational assessment is to provide information to parents and

educators about a student's cognitive, academic, social-emotional, behavioural, and/or adaptive functioning strengths and weaknesses. Results from a psycho-educational assessment can be helpful in:


(1) determining whether the student meets the criteria for a specific school designation or DSM-5 diagnosis (e.g., specific learning disorder, intellectual disability, gifted) and qualifies for special education services;


(2) identifying other reasons that may cause poor performance in school, such as difficulty with attention or memory, or social and emotional concerns;


(3) developing strategies based on the student's individual needs to be implemented at school and home.



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The following is a breakdown of a psycho-educational assessment:

  • Initial services (e.g., scheduling, sending forms, review of documents): 1 hour (non-refundable fee due at booking)

  • Initial parent meeting: 1 hour 

  • Testing (session preparation, cognitive and academic testing, interview, rating scales, scoring): approximately 6-8 hours 

  • Interpretation and report writing: (capped at) 6 hours 

  • Feedback meeting: 1 hour 

  • Additional services (e.g., additional testing session, separate parent intake or feedback meeting, phone calls, written correspondence, school meetings, travel time): Charged at the $225/60-minute rate


The cost of a psycho-educational assessment typically varies between $3,150 and $3,825, depending on the type of evaluation


Below are some of the options. Click here for the detailed description:

  • Cognitive and academic assessment only

  • Cognitive, academic, and social, emotional, and behavioural assessment 

  • Cognitive, academic, and adaptive functioning evaluation

  • Cognitive, academic, and executive functioning evaluation 

  • Gifted assessment

  • ADHD assessment (children and youth only)

  • Anxiety/OCD assessment 

If you have extended health insurance, a portion of the assessment may be covered under it. For post-secondary students with a specific learning disorder who require updated testing, grants are available through the BC government.


If you would like to know more information about the process and fees involved in having your child receive a psycho-educational assessment, please contact our team at For more details of psycho-educational assessment, please see RESOURCES.