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Drs. Juliana & Martinez have published a self-help book for teens that can also help families and educators better understand and support their teenagers: Getting comfortable with uncertainty for teens: 10 tips to overcome anxiety, fear, and worry (New Harbinger Publishing).

Drs. Juliana and Martinez were part of the Ask Dr. Cam's podcast, where they discussed strategies for parents to help their teenagers cope with anxiety and uncertainty. 

Dr. Juliana was interviewed on YouTube Channel about the differences between OCD and ADHD

Drs. Juliana and Martinez participated in the Anxious Child Podcast and shared strategies for youth to manage anxiety and uncertainty. 

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Dr. Juliana created a handout for schools, parents, and clinicians on how to identify and support students with OCD in schools (Anxiety Canada website)

Dr. Juliana was the lead developer of two free anxiety prevention curriculums for K-7 schools in British Columbia and Saskatchewan: (1) EASE (Everyday Anxiety Strategies for Educators) and (2) MAPE (MAP for Educators)

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Dr. Juliana contributed to Humber News Toronto talking about "How to support parents and children's mental health during the pandemic

Drs. Juliana and Martinez also wrote a blog for New Harbinger on creating a team to support teens facing uncertainty.  

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