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Julia Lukacs
(pronouns: she/her/hers)

Julia completed a Masters of Science in the Clinical & Developmental Psychopathology program at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands. After living three years in France, she moved to beautiful British Columbia, where she is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Simon Fraser University (SFU). Her research focuses on the benefits of outdoor play for elementary school-aged children with diagnoses of anxiety and ADHD. At SFU, she is also a member of the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Lab. 

Julia Lukacs

Julia is committed to helping her clients and their families better understand themselves and empowering them to navigate their world through evidence-based tools and techniques. Julia has previous experience conducting psycho-educational assessments with youth and young adults as well as working with individuals from diverse backgrounds with depression, anxiety, and ADHD, as well as those who have experienced trauma.  She also worked with children with anxiety-related disorders, such as selective mutism, in a group therapy setting, using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques. 

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In her free time, Julia is a fan of anything that gets her out and moving, especially if it involves trees. She loves a good walk in the woods, skiing and running. Her favourite method of locomotion is a bicycle. When it's too rainy to go out, Julia won't hesitate to bake up a storm (she makes a mean carrot cake!) and curl up with a good book or movie.


Julia is fluent in English, Hungarian, and French. 


Julia provides in-person and online sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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