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Office hours and fees vary according to the clinician working with you. Trainees offer low-cost therapy fees. We provide both in-person and virtual appointments.

Registered Psychologist ($250/50-min) 

Registered Clinical (or Canadian Certified) Counsellor ($180/50-min)


Ph.D. Practicum Student ($125/50-min)


*Please note that we have a 48-business-hour cancellation policy. 

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Other Services 

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Psycho-educational Assessments

The cost of our comprehensive psycho-educational assessments varies between $3995 and $4794.

Parent and school consultations typically have a duration of 60 minutes, and fees are based on the clinician's hourly rate. It includes the time spent meeting with you, creating a list of resources after the meeting, and potentially t
ravel time if applicable (school visits).

Please contact our team for more information about workshop fees.

Note about Insurance:
As this is a private service, the fee associated with it must be paid at the end of each session. You may be able to bill your extended health plan for psychological services. Please consult your provider for details and note that psychological fees not covered by insurance are tax-deductible medical expenses.

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