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COVID-19 Resources

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Mental Health Resources

COVID-19 Impacts: Child, Youth and Families - Free resources 

Coping during COVID-19:

Anxiety Canada resources on COVID-19 (by Anxiety Canada)

Supporting kids during the COVID-19 crisis (by Child Mind Institute)

Managing COVID-19 anxiety (by ADAA)

Managing ADHD during isolation (by the University of Calgary)

Resources for the OCD and related disorders community during the COVID-19 outbreak (by IOCDF)

ACT approach to coping with COVID-19 (by Russ Harris)

Coping with Coronavirus-Related Anxiety: Free Webinar - lots of ACT-related advice shared in a free webinar on how to deal with coronavirus-related anxiety and other challenges

Article - What an enormous global study can tell us about feeling better during the pandemic 

This app provides support for mental health and education for coping with the pandemic (note: this is not a substitute for professional care for COVID-19 or mental health services.

This article explores relationship dynamics during the pandemic and provides some tips on how to cope better during such uncertain times. 

Tips and information on how to reset yourself after experiencing a big pause in life due to the pandemic.


5 quick COVID-19 stress management tools 

Various podcasts, videos, articles, meditations, and online resources for COVID-19 support

FACE COVID eBook and video from Russ Harris: eBook-

Video -


Kids Activities

short book in different languages to support and reassure young children (under the age of 7)

Workbook for children, families, caregivers and teachers for coping with COVID-19

School Resources

Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing

List of education companies offering free subscriptions

Updated Information about Health in BC and the world


BC Center for Disease Control 

World Health Organization

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