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Parental Involvement In Their Children's Learning Matters

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Over thirty years of research shows that parents' involvement in their

children's learning impacts their academic achievement. You can support your child's academic achievement by engaging in home- and school-based activities!

Mom is helping her children with their homework

  • Replace person-oriented praise ("You are really good at math!") with process-oriented praise ("I noticed you've been using different strategies to show your thinking!)

  • Make efforts to communicate specific and attainable expectations to your child (Say, "It sounds like this project offers you different ways to represent what you know in creative ways" instead of "I know you're going to make the most creative poster ever!")

  • Use open-ended questions in place of "yes" or "no" questions (Try replacing "Did you have fun?" with "What did you like best?")

  • Use songs, nursery rhymes, and written and spoken stories to improve your child's foundational literacy skills

  • Explicitly discuss text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world connections to encourage reading for meaning

A dad is sitting in a park reading a story to his children

  • Building a supportive and nurturing environment at home allows children to develop resilience and cope with moments of self-doubt or setbacks

  • Attend parent-teacher interviews to promote collaborative goal setting, learn about your child's process, and reinforce developing skill areas at home

Two people are shaking hands in a friendly and cooperative manner

About the author:

Harkiran Thandi (pronouns: she/her/hers)

Harkiran holds a Masters of Education in School and Applied Child Psychology from the University of Calgary. She has extensive experience providing therapeutic intervention to children and adolescents of diverse abilities in school, community, and home environments as a behaviour interventionist, applied behavioural analysis support worker, and program manager.

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