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Tips about mental health that are grounded in research to help parents and young people thrive!

Welcome to the Beacon Psychology Blog!

A blog that provides effective tips and hands-on strategies for parents, children, youth, and young adults to improve their daily well-being and move towards what matters to them.

Our team at Beacon Psychology is passionate about supporting young people's mental health and learning in clinical, school, and community, settings.

Dear reader,

This is the first time that our clinic writes a blog with the goal of providing you with up-to-date and research-informed resources and especially practical strategies to make your life (and/or your child's life) less stressful, more fulfilling, fun, and enjoyable.

As the director of the clinic, I (Juliana Negreiros) have had the incredible opportunity to connect and collaborate with many young people, their families, schools, and community partners over my career. My passion for making research-based knowledge about mental health accessible to all inspired me to work beyond the walls of my office.

From publishing academic papers and giving trainings to being a podcast guest speaker and recently co-authoring a self-help book for teens, one of my life goals is to help young people take action towards what is most important to them.

What to expect?

Our team members will post information weekly about interesting mental health facts, strategies, and suggestions that many people, including the clinicians themselves, have found helpful. If you have ideas for future blogs, please let us know.

What to not expect?

This blog will raise awareness about different mental health conditions and life struggles. It will also give you ideas about what to do in certain challenging situations and where to seek further support if needed. However, it will not provide you with individual advice or serve as a type of therapy or consultation service.

Plan moving forward

By starting this blog, I hope you too find some helpful and easy-to-implement tips to incorporate into your daily routine that will help create positive new memories about such an important time in your life.

If you want to find out more information about our clinic's mission, our team members, or key resources, please see

Next week, you will learn about the four questions to ask when you are choosing a therapist who is the right fit for your child.


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